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“Write something brilliant.”

Brilliant to me means something that impacts people, in a good way or a bad way. Something that makes them think, or feel something different from what they were before they decided to read my blog of the day.

Like Bruce Lee, I feel as though simplicity is the key to brilliance. I like simple, with many things, like lunches, conversations, relationships, but other things like writings, or opinions, I like to be full. 

I also like to keep things simple with myself, what people know about me, and such, but for my topic today, I’ll be talking about someone brilliant, trying to create something brilliant.



On December 6th, 2004, when David Welch was 38 years old, he was diagnosed with a tumor, a Low Grade Astrocytoma. He had been suffering symptoms for 5 days until he sent himself to the emergency room. A surgery with the goal of obtaining tissue samples from his brain was done on the 10th of December. The brain tumor they found, was the size of a lemon. This is how 38Lemon started.

I met David when I went to Wisconsin with my family, on our way out to Alberta (August 11th, 2006). Earlier that year I had done a project on cancer, and he was my main focus. I was ecstatic to meet him, and it started off a great friendship, and a huge learning experience for me.

Under the tent, where all of the drum corps folk were chatting it up and drinking beer David was mingling with his Sierra Mist in hand. I was nervous to talk to him at first, but after our first conversation I couldn’t wait until the next time we talked. We exchanged emails a lot, and on September 9th, 2006, I was the main topic of his journal entry, and I felt on top of the world. http://www.38lemon.com/dailyjournal.php?y=2006&m=09&d=9

No, I’m not just going to tell you my whole life story since 2006, that would be obscene, but I felt as though with the freedom we were allowed that I would share an experience I had, dealing with one of Mr. Kemp’s many  questions from the first day of class.

Question: “Why does losing someone you love hurt so bad?”

Answer: I have no idea, but I know that it does.

Everyone has, or will experience it, and there is no real answer to why it does it just does. There is no real answer to anything in this world, so why should it be so simple to answer this one? It’s not.

Eventually Mr. David and I were no longer strangers. My dad, my older sister (Camille) and I went down to Virginia to visit Mr.David during March Break of, and we took him to a hockey game the night before he was supposed to be going to visit one of his friend. I didn’t really pay too much attention to the game; Washington Capitals mean nothing to me. Mr. David and I were talking the entire game about anything we wanted to, including hockey because he really didn’t know what was going on. One thing I will never forget about that night was touching the nuts bolts screwed into the frontal lobe on the left side of his head.

Hey Mr. Kemp, I have a question for you: What are memories?

I got to post something in David’s journal on August 31st, 2007, when he asked eight of his caregivers: “How has life changed knowing someone close to you who has brain cancer? What does life look like behind the lens of a caregiver?”  To read my response see: http://www.38lemon.com/dailyjournal.php?y=2007&m=08&d=31

The third time I saw Mr. David was in Niagara Falls, in November of 2009. He remembered who I was, but only to an extent, he had developed 2 more tumors by this time. Our e-mails weren’t as plentiful, but I read his journals everyday like I had since the first time I met him. Not too long after our last encounter, Mr. David passed away. Yes, it was very traumatic to me, but I thought about it and really, with his life, and his death he has inspired so many people, including myself. I miss him greatly, but I know that he’s still watching over us.

I know I am not the only person in the world to have someone to call their hero. A hero can be someone’s best friend, or someone like superman.

I didn’t want this blog to make anyone depressed, or anything of the sort. I wanted people to know about my hero so that they could, if we ever get another blog where we just have to BE BRILLIANT, share something special to them and know that it’s not lame and that so many people do have experiences like yours.


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